This program is designed to enhance language and fine motor skill development. The young child learns through play and in the process learns to cooperate, share and be part of a group. The safe atmosphere of our classroom allows the child to try new ideas, practice his skills and foster his sense of self-esteem and self-control. The teachers within these classes will help the child begin to develop good work habits, learn class rules and follow safety routines.  The three year old will be taught through careful guidance, the appropriate techniques of problem solving and conflict resolution.

This program’s curriculum is planned to foster discovery, learning, and exploration. The child can choose to work among several centers of interest and to explore the content areas of math, science, language arts, dramatic play and creative art. Jewish content is integrated throughout all the centers of learning. The children are introduced to the letters of the alphabet, number relationships and the written language. They participate in calendar, journal writing, and large and small group teaching experiences.

Hebrew prayers and the study of traditions, rituals and holiday celebrations are interwoven throughout the child’s daily schedule. Jewish values and family involvement is stressed as part of the three year old program.