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Secretary of the Party Committ金沙娱场城app7979ee of the College Carry out the 20th spirit of the party

To continue to study and propagate and implement the 20th spirit of the party, According to the work deployment of the school party committee,11 month30 Day, The Party Secretary of the College Zhu Guohua College2023 Grade Freshmen and All Graduate Party Members Written“ Enhance the spirit of the str金沙娱场城app7979uggle, Improve the ability of 金沙娱场城app7979the struggle” Theme preaching。


What is Zhu from what is the spirit of struggle、 Why the new era emphasizes the spirit of struggle、 The connotation of the spirit of the struggle in the new era and how to carry forward the spirit of the struggle、 Improve the ability of the struggle, Exchange learning experience, Emphasize the impor金沙娱场城app7979tance of developing the spirit of the struggle in the new era。 Point out, Fighting is the party's leadership of our revolution、 Construction、 Important magic weapon for victory in reform, Dare to fight、 Dare to win, It is a powerful spiritual force for the party and the people to defeat。 As a student of a horse college, We must consciously cultivate 金沙娱场城app7979the spir金沙娱场城app7979it of stubborn struggle, Refine the superb struggle skills, Being a young Marxist who is ideal and conviction。 Secretary Zhu expects students not to forget the original heart, Study forward, Fighting for ideals、 Dare to take responsibility、 Can suffer hard、 A new era of willing to struggle。

The students listened carefully to the preaching, Indicates 金沙娱场城app7979the spirit of the struggle、 Enhanced struggle skills, Go out“ Comforture circle”、 Treating“ Arena”, With the sense of urgency and the sense of the strong country, my sense of responsibility is involved in the torrent of the times。

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