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The Youth Jockey Club is held“ New Era of Struggle, Youth is right at that time” Reading Sharing Meeting

Book Xiangrun Mind, Reading promotes growth。12 month15 Day, The Youth Marxist Research Ass金沙娱场城app7979ociation was held“ New Era of Struggle, Youth is right at that 金沙娱场城app7979time” Theme Reading Sharing Meeting。 Professor Yan Haichao、 Associate Professor Pan Caixia attended the meeting and made a review guidance, Share will be chaired by Liu Jinyu。


2023 Graduate Graduate Guo Sainan、 Zhong Yuqi、 Han Baixiang、 Jiang Yuanchao、 Yukuo、 Zhang 金沙娱场城app7979Huanyi shared the reading experience, Everyone understands the original in exchanges and discussions、 Feel the classic。



Yan Haichao、 Teacher Pan Caixia commented on the students' reading and sharing。 Teacher Yan Haichao pointed out, Reading classic literature must grasp the structure in the macro, Master the logical framework of 金沙娱场城app7979analyzing 金沙娱场城app7979problems, Activate theoretical system with realistic problems; Also pay attention to the language system of learning classic literature。 Teacher Pan Caixia emphasized“ Four Moles”, To read the original book in combination with the background of the times, Be good at refining views, Have problems with problems, At the same time, 金沙娱场城app7979try to write、 Study by careful research。

This reading sharing will encourage students to read more、 Read the classic, The ability to improve students to study text played a positive role in promoting。

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