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Tianjin 5th University“ Situation and Policy” Lesson Teaching Exhibition Combat Activity Finals Winning List
2024-01-15 15:42  

In order to comprehensively st金沙娱场城app7979udy and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the 20th spirit of the party, Further consolidate and display nationwide“ Situation and Policy” Classification of class preparation, The spirit and requirements of the relevant documentation of the situation and policy courses in accordance with the two committees of the Ministry of Education and 金沙娱场城app7979the Municipal Education Committee, Tianjin City“ Situation and Policy” Course Coordinated Innovation Center Yu2024 year1 month14 Daily Organization carried out the fifth college of Tianjin City“ Situation and Policy” Lesson Teaching Exhibition Finals。 Five experts right10 The teaching display of the player conducts on-site review, Select the first prize in total2 name, Second Prize3 nam金沙娱场城app7979e, Third Prize5 name, The results of the review will be announced as follows:

金沙娱场城app7979 Tianjin 5th“ Situation and Policy” Lesson Teaching Exhibition Combat Activities Final Award List

Publicity time is2024 year1 month15 Day to2024 year1 month19 Day, Public announcement five days, If you have any objections, Please reflect the real name。

Contact: Du Guangjie Phone:13702128932

金沙娱场城app7979Tianjin University“ Situation and Policy” Course Collaborative Innovation Center

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics Marxism College

2024 year1 month15 Day

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