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Tianjin City participated in the teachings of ideologi金沙娱场城app7979cal and political theory of ideological and political theoretical courses of colleges and universities in the third national university, and the excellent curriculum observation situation and policy courses( Undergraduate) Proposed recommended candidates for publicity
2023-09-18 10:16  

All universities:

According to《 Notice of the General Office of the Ministry o金沙娱场城app7979f Education on the teaching and display activity of the Third National College Ideological and Political Theory Course》( The Department of Education and Social Affairs〔2023〕25 number)( Below“ Notification”) Deployment and Municipal Education Committee spirit, Tianjin Undergraduate University Situation and Policy Class Teachers1 金沙娱场城app7979A number of participation, Get the third session of Tianjin、 Two teachers of the first prize of the Fourth Situation and Policy Course Competition Exhibition Event Finals as the first recommendation object。 Tianjin situation and policy curriculum collaborative innovation center basis“ Notification” Conditions required, Qualifica金沙娱场城app7979tion review and report to the Municipal Education Committee for approval, It is proposed to recommend Tianjin University of Commerce, Teacher Wang Na on behalf of Tianjin Undergraduate University to participate in the 3rd National College Ideological and Political Theory Course( Situation and Policy Course) Teaching Exhibition Activities。

金沙娱场城app7979Public announcement of the recommendation results, The publicity period is2023 Year9 month18 Day to2023 Year9 month22 Day, Together5 working days。

If there is any objection to the results of the review, Real-name reflection can be made to the Tianjin university situation and policy curriculum in the publicity period during the publicity period。

金沙娱场城app7979Contact: Du Guangjie, Contact number:13702128932

Tianjin university situation and policy curriculum collaborative innovation center

2023 Year9 month18 Day

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